Blockchain Technology:Redefining the Financial World

Introduction: Blockchain technology is a revolutionary breakthrough that is transforming the world. The tech enthusiasts define this technical innovation of the virtual world having a wide range of applications as “web 3.0”. “The semantic web” or “web 3.0” is a distributed, decentralized transformation of the www (World Wide Web). That incorporates blockchain, AI and other […]

Embrace the Future of eSignature with TurtleBay

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW TurtleBay Biz Booster is the exclusive authorized North America eSignature distributor , which is a cloud-based electronic signature platform for personal, professional, and business use. If you are looking for a simple, secure, and better way to digitally sign, track and manage documents with a platform that can be integrated with your […]

Introducing TurtleBay Biz Booster Our New Service Launch for The Season

Does your business have a visibility strategy? If not, here’s what we have for you. Welcome to TurtleBay Biz Booster, the online Business Visibility Service boosting service for small and medium businesses. TurtleBay Biz Booster helps businesses to have a strong online presence by increasing and maintaining your unique Business Visibility Score, allowing you to successfully compete […]

Nigerian NASD Announces Plan to Adopt Blockstation Platform by 2023

  From the desk of Joe Rossi …    As we wait for TBAS’s upcoming podcast about our partner company Blockstation, major global news has been dropped about their work in Nigeria, the largest economy in Africa.  Blockstation is a company that provides international stock exchanges and their broker-dealer networks with an efficient, blockchain-enabled solution […]

Toonimo for Everyone: A Digital Guidance Platform

A Note From Joe………..   In our new digital economy, companies are now looking for ways to improve their customer experience constantly. Technologies such as IBM’s Watson, online chat boxes, and personalized thank-you pages are some tactics used to retain customers through a first-rate customer experience.    As anyone knows, the frustration that comes from trying to […]