Nigerian NASD Announces Plan to Adopt Blockstation Platform by 2023

  From the desk of Joe Rossi …    As we wait for TBAS’s upcoming podcast about our partner company Blockstation, major global news has been dropped about their work in Nigeria, the largest economy in Africa.  Blockstation is a company that provides international stock exchanges and their broker-dealer networks with an efficient, blockchain-enabled solution […]

Toonimo for Everyone: A Digital Guidance Platform

A Note From Joe………..   In our new digital economy, companies are now looking for ways to improve their customer experience constantly. Technologies such as IBM’s Watson, online chat boxes, and personalized thank-you pages are some tactics used to retain customers through a first-rate customer experience.    As anyone knows, the frustration that comes from trying to […]


 Please join us in celebrating the exciting news of our Principal, Joseph Rossi’s appointment to the Blockstation Advisory Board. Read the press release below to learn more.  —-   Contact Name: Joseph Rossi   Telephone: (646) 791-4511  Email:   Website:                                 […]


TBAS is excited to share in the news that our partner, O3 Technology Solutions, has appointed a new Chief Technology Officer to oversee the growth of their services and product offerings. Please read the press release below to find out more about O3’s new CTO. —————————– Press Release  Contact Name: Sravon Beebireddy  Telephone: (646)-518-7844  Email: […]

Batter Up! Time to log off work! 

With COVID-19 turning heads in the country’s workforce, the belief of “work to live” is now outdated in American culture, as the U.S workforce is now striving to achieve work-life balance. As a result, the idea of work-off, life-on has played a part in how TurtleBay Advisory Services rethinks its strategy for effective workplace management […]

TBAS Partner Down Payment Resource Celebrates 14th Anniversary

A Note From Joe….  Homeownership is one of the greatest achievements any hardworking individual can achieve. The ability for one to own their own home and have a piece of land they can call their own has been the hallmark of the American Dream for centuries.    Since my days at Freddie Mac, I have been […]

The Evolution of Quantum Computing

From the desk of Joe Rossi…….   This month we are excited to discuss the evolution of quantum computing and its role in cryptography. Our February podcast will feature Louis Stoll, a TurtleBay Subject Matter Expert and George Vlahos, Founder and CEO of NefosNow, as we discuss the current state of quantum computing, it’s role in […]

ACS Warns of New Malware Threat

Today, companies and organizations rely on technology more than any time in history. With a technologically reliant world there are serious risks and challenges one must consider in regards to their cybersecurity networks. One risk is the presence of malware and viruses that can cause extreme disruption to an organization. TurtleBay Advisory Services’ Partner, ACS, […]