Toonimo for Everyone: A Digital Guidance Platform

Insights: From the desk of Joseph Rossi

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A Note From Joe………..  

In our new digital economy, companies are now looking for ways to improve their customer experience constantly. Technologies such as IBM’s Watson, online chat boxes, and personalized thank-you pages are some tactics used to retain customers through a first-rate customer experience.   

As anyone knows, the frustration that comes from trying to navigate an online form requiring multiple steps and detailed information can sway users away from the site.  

One company trying to solve this problem is TBAS Partner, Toonimo, a digital adoption guidance platform using audio and visual cues to guide users through complex online applications.   

As part of our commitment to spreading awareness of our partners’ services, we are excited to take a different approach to our podcast this month as we show an edited recording of a Toonimo sales demo.   

Presenters Dan Kotlicki, CEO and CO-Founder of Toonimo, and Gabe Newman, Head of Sales, walk viewers through the company background, describe the platform benefits and provide example walk-throughs of how the platform works across various industries. Additionally, they list the integrations and overlays available with Toonimo. 

Beyond reducing the amount of customer support traffic, Toonimo also specializes in digital on-boarding, employee training, change management, and conversion improvement.   

With Toonimo, their clients have found increased user satisfaction and a boost in engagement, as their platform has made it possible for companies to decrease customer headaches. Using Toonimo’s text and audio guidance features, their clients are now prepared to offer real-time assistance with helping their customers with everything from visa applications to finding insurance.   

Stay on the lookout for the release of “Toonimo for Everyone: A Digital Guidance Platform” on our FSOKX Podcast YouTube page and our website.

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