Evizone announces the launch of its new Secure Messaging platform for regulated industries

Insights: From the desk of Joseph Rossi

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MONTREAL, QUEBEC- Evizone Ltd., the software and services provider offering enterprise solutions in secure communications, communications governance, and regulatory compliance, is proud to announce the launch of its new Evizone Secure Messaging (ESM) platform.

ESM is a secure messaging and chats service designed to address the needs of companies in regulated industries such as Financial Services and Life Sciences. ESC balances security and privacy needs with the need for communications governance and transparency.

Users will also appreciate ESM’s upcoming federated service that will be deployed globally in order to comply with local data laws and regulations such as GDPR.

Over the medium term, ESM will become a broader platform; integrating with content management services to address additional business requirements. These content management services will ultimately be implemented in a service known as Evizone Content Services (ECS), said Bill Wells, Chairman of Evizone. But for now, ESM is the first step in the process of developing a single platform to address such business needs. We are proud of ESM’s development to date and are excited to partner with companies to fine-tune its last details.

About Evizone Ltd.

Evizone Ltd. is revolutionary secure communication, encryption, and compliance software and service provider based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Evizone offers innovative enterprise solutions in secure messaging (next generation beyond encrypted email) and encryption, encryption at rest, regulatory compliance, compliance archiving, WORM compliance, 17a-4 compliance, document life cycle management, and communications governance and risk management. Evizone?s services protect organizations through best in class security, encryption, recipient controls, document life cycle management, discovery management, compliance management, compliance archiving, tamper proof WORM and 17a-4 compliance archiving and complete audit records against the enormous damage caused by communications breaches. Evizone’s patented technologies offer a level of security impossible to obtain with conventional or encrypted email and fast, powerful, user-friendly compliance archiving. Evizone’s services are immediately available on multiple platforms and provide the strongest commercially available communications security and compliance archiving.


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