Holiday shopping, tax season and the pandemic will bring opportunities for identity theft

Authorities are warning consumers and tax professionals to be alert for scams and identity theft schemes by criminals who may take advantage of the holiday shopping season, approaching tax season, and the COVID-19 pandemic. The state Treasury Department has partnered with the Internal Revenue Service and taxing agencies in other states to provide tips on […]

Major incident reporting template: Downloadable and with a tutorial

According to a recent report by IBM, the damage caused by major IT incidents is greater than ever. An incident that results from a data breach will cost the organization an average of $3.86 million, with the average time to breach containment coming in at 280 days! And according to the ITIC, hourly downtime costs come in at over $300,000, with some at even $1 […]

Trends on Cyber Security-Ampcus Cyber( A TBAS Partner)

Cybersecurity standards (also styled cybersecurity standards) are techniques generally set forth in published materials that attempt to protect the cyber environment of a user or organization. This environment includes users themselves, networks, devices, all software, processes, the information in storage or transit, applications, services, and systems that can be connected directly or indirectly to networks. […]

Work from Home-Cybersecurity & IT Risk Management & Best Practices

AVOIDANCE �  Invest in a robust VPN solution that includes two-factor authentication. Make sure there is surplus bandwidth & capacity. (Remote network is the new corporate real estate.) �  Use company-issued devices to whatever extent possible: o   Avoid the Fraud Triangle -BYOD contributes to both opportunity & rationalization. o   If personal devices are permitted make sure standardized security tools and appropriate […]

Email Security Threat Report 2020

Email and collaboration platforms are the connective tissue of most businesses and organizations, where information is shared, plans are hatched, and alliances formed. Yet as a human-driven medium, email often represents the weakest link in an organization’s security strategy. Indeed, 94% of cyber-threats originate in the email environment. Read More

The 3 musts for every FinTech incident management pro

Few industries have experienced such a disruptive whiplash as the financial services industry. With the dizzying encroachment of agile, innovative, and fearless fintechs coming to the fore, traditional banking institutions have had to completely rethink their business, revenue models, and customer engagement initiatives. FinTechs take charge Fintechs have been experiencing such game-changing success due to […]

DMI Launches COVID-19 Workplace Re-Entry Solution

Bethesda, MD. ,August 06, 2020, As organizations plan for and manage employee re-entry into workplaces and schools, DMI, a leading end-to-end mobility, and digital transformation company, has launched a comprehensive safety solution to support enterprise back-to-work protocols. DMI’s Workplace Re-Entry Solution is a secure mobile application developed to address the multiple risks and challenges associated with preparing for […]

A dangerous new keylogger has been discovered

Keyloggers make up the largest volume of unique phishing campaigns by malware type today and they continue to grow in both popularity and sophistication. A new keylogger called “Mass Logger” currently being tracked by security professionals is much more sophisticated than previous versions of keyloggers that we?ve seen. The frightening difference is the fact that […]

Automation for Success in the New World

What kind of lawyer are you when it comes to repetitive tasks? Do you dive in and revel in the tedious work, or do you explore methods to accomplish the task with efficiency in mind? The fact is that individuals and firms who will succeed in this new world are those who are quick to […]


Repurchases Preventing loan repurchases requests from mortgage guarantors has been a major issue for mortgage bankers over the past decade.  In the early years of the last decade, the GSEs dramatically increase the number of repurchase and make-whole demands stemming from defaulted or poorly underwritten loans from the pre-2008 era.  The table below shows the […]