DMI Launches COVID-19 Workplace Re-Entry Solution

Insights: From the desk of Joseph Rossi

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Bethesda, MD. ,August 06, 2020, As organizations plan for and manage employee re-entry into workplaces and schools, DMI, a leading end-to-end mobility, and digital transformation company, has launched a comprehensive safety solution to support enterprise back-to-work protocols.

DMI’s Workplace Re-Entry Solution is a secure mobile application developed to address the multiple risks and challenges associated with preparing for safe enterprise operations during the COVID-19 pandemic, including social distancing monitoring, contact tracing, and room sanitization checklist reporting.

?Schools and workplaces lack the personnel and funds necessary to effectively monitor social distancing and identify those who may have been in contact with individuals infected with COVID-19,? said Joseph Rossi, Founder of TurtleBay Advisory Services. “DMI’s solution leverages existing enterprise infrastructure and mobile devices everyone is already carrying to support a safe return to offices, workplaces, and schools while keeping capital expenses down for our customers.”

Specifically, DMI’s Social Distancing Solution provides mobile device monitoring that helps to ensure six feet of social distancing between individuals in any workplace, as recommended by the CDC. An alert in the form of a vibration or sound, signals when employees cross into each other’s six-foot safety zone. The DMI solution is unique in that, unlike other solutions, an alert generates even if the person entering the six-foot safety zone is not running DMI’s application.

DMI’s solution also delivers contact tracing for all employee-to-employee on-site interactions in the event of a COVID-19 diagnosis. DMI’s solution is fully anonymous, with no information or location data stored centrally or with a third-party supplier. However, in being aware of potential exposure, effective decisions can be made about the length of time an employee may want to consider self-quarantine.

Finally, DMI’s Workplace Sanitization Reporting Solution empowers enterprises with a mobile checklist that delivers visibility into the daily status of workplace cleaning protocols. The digital checklist features an easy-to-configure dashboard allowing for management visibility into overall workplace sanitization readiness. The dashboard delivers real-time reports on the rooms and areas confirmed to have been cleaned, alerts for rooms that still need to be cleaned, as well as reporting capabilities that deliver a historical view of workplace cleaning protocols over periods of time.

DMI’s Workplace Re-Entry Solution integrates seamlessly into existing mobile device management (MDM) platforms, with a version developed exclusively for Samsung mobile device users. DMI collaborated with Samsung Electronics America to customize the app for easier access to and control of functions and alerts, as well as the ability to discreetly manage notifications when using Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

“We’re thrilled to be launching a comprehensive, preventative mobile solution to fill the immense need for safe and effective on-site workplace re-entry business operations,? said Dr. Ramyaa Ganesh, DMI associate vice president of artificial intelligence and a licensed healthcare informatics expert. ?Enterprises that invest in this secure, automated, mobile solution not only help protect and reassure their on-site workers and customers, they also mitigate their own liability risk upon reopening.”

DMI’s Workplace Re-Entry Solution is currently available for download on Android and iOS devices.

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