The Evolution of Quantum Computing

Insights: From the desk of Joseph Rossi

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From the desk of Joe Rossi…….  

This month we are excited to discuss the evolution of quantum computing and its role in cryptography. Our February podcast will feature Louis Stoll, a TurtleBay Subject Matter Expert and George Vlahos, Founder and CEO of NefosNow, as we discuss the current state of quantum computing, it’s role in cryptography and preventive measures companies should take to protect against the future of quantum supremacy.  

Additionally, we will highlight ideas from Stoll’s white paper titled “Quantum Computing’s Impact on General Cryptography Implementations.” Included at the bottom of the page, you can find Louis’s white paper and a document including all of the resources we mentioned throughout the episode. As quantum computing continues to develop, Louis’ white paper and these resources are essential reads for financial services industry professionals wanting to protect their organizations from cyber harm.  

Due to quantum computing’s growth in the past year, Stoll poses commercial enterprises, information technologists, and the public should be concerned with quantum computers’ ability to cause cyberattacks across the online marketplace.   

With the size of the quantum computing market estimated to reach $1.76 billion in 2026, a dramatic increase from 2021 at $472 million, quantum computers’ capabilities will dramatically increase. As a result, experts are needed to establish secure methods to prohibit quantum computers being used for malicious intent.   

Looking at the limitations, possible solutions, and various entities at risk due to quantum computing’s evolution, Stoll aims to spread awareness and provide possible preventive measures financial, government, and insurance institutions should incorporate to ensure their information and customers’ information is secure.  

As we enter an increasingly technology-controlled world, awareness of technology’s capacity for harm should be part of every business’ risk management plan. Please take the time to read this crucial white paper on how quantum computing can impact e-commerce and the attached resources.   

Additionally, be on the lookout for our February podcast with Louis and George discussing their thoughts on quantum computing’s evolution.

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Quantum Computing Resources

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