Our new podcast is out!: Blockstation in Evolving Capital Markets

Insights: From the desk of Joseph Rossi

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Did you know in September 2021, El Salvador became the first country in the world to accept Bitcoin as an official legal tender in the country? Therefore, financial institutions now need to be ready for managing these new capital systems among the old, as digital currency and assets increasingly becoming a staple in everyday life. As some companies struggle to incorporate these systems, leader in digital asset management, Blockstation, has found a solution. In this episode we welcome Blockstation to discuss how their marketplace solutions are revolutionizing the financial industry.

See our podcasts with guests Jai Waterman, a CEO & Co-Founder of Blockstation and Bola Ajomale, a former CEO and Manging Director of NASD OTC to learn more about Blockstation’s growth in capital markets and its adoption by the NASD OTC.

See the link to our podcast here: Blockstation in Evolving Capital Markets – YouTube


About Jai Waterman:

CEO & Co-Founder​ of Blockstation

Jai’s mastery is engineering tactical technology to evolve organizations out of legacy systems and processes to adopt flexible turnkey solutions. Jai commands the development of technology to create an environment for organizations to compete at a high level. Under Jai’s leadership, Blockstation’s Development team has successfully deployed its technology and suite of products to Stock Exchanges, Depositories, Financial Institutions and Regulators. Jai’s expertise in enterprise architecture and software development has created a unique Blockchain and digital assets space, one where exchanges are more inclusive, more attractive, more competitive and more accessible, all while under a regulatory framework. Prior to Blockstation, Jai founded illions, an ERP Cloud company with customers across 12 industries under one flexible platform. Jai is the inventor of Cross Company Automation, which is a process to automate internal and external data exchange across multiple independent organizations.

About Bola Ajomale:

Former CEO & Managing Director of NASD OTC

Bola is a highly versatile investment and financial adviser with over 20 years’ experience in the finance industry both locally and internationally. He trained as an accountant in Ernst & Young and as a stockbroker in City Securities Limited where he headed Stockbroking operations. He expanded his research and financial advisory skills at Agusto & Co where he was a Senior business consultant. He also worked at MBC International Bank as the Divisional Head, Corporate Finance and Syndications and later became the pioneer CEO of Associated Asset Managers Limited. His international exposure includes various project and investment advisory work at Manulife Financial and the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board both in Canada. He sits in a non-executive capacity on the Boards of directors of several non-public companies and is a Trustee of the Association of Securities Exchanges of Nigeria. Bola is currently the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of NASD Plc.

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