Can a company afford “average” when it comes to incident response? In 2020 the average time to identify a breach was 207 days! Have you heard about the new ransomware law being proposed? This Ransom Disclosure Act dictates that within 48 hours of an attack, victims will need to disclose information about the payments they made, including amount, currency, and what they know about the attackers. Here is one more reason why organizations need to move very fast when an attack hits, not only to resolve the incident and mitigate the damage, but to also make sure that everything is clearly and accurately documented. This pilot episode of FSOKx’s podcast will feature Noam Morginstin from Exigence and Chris Loehr from Solis Security now owned by CFC Response, as they discuss how companies should be creating an incident response place for their MSPs before a cyber attack takes place.

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