Education & Training

Full Support of Your Technical Educational & Training Needs

Today, the well-known maxim “survival of the fittest” holds true for financial services firms. In recent years, the financial services industry has experienced unprecedented and sweeping changes in how it operates, and it is certain that regulatory reforms will only become more stringent. Financial organizations are in the crossfire, caught between the intensity of regulations, stiff competition, and a volatile economic environment. To stay relevant in such a demanding ecosystem, it is imperative that your firm attracts and retains the most highly skilled and best-performing employees.

By partnering with leading educational institutions and industry experts, FSOkx can help your organization stay ahead of these challenges. We offer a variety of management briefings and customized or off-the-shelf training seminars designed to enhance the skills and abilities of financial services managers, directors, and senior-level executives. In addition, our training courses are accredited by professional bodies and offer CPE credits.

Whether a new recruit to the financial services industry or an established practitioner, we have courses aimed at the appropriate level in:

  • Risk Management
  • Legal and Regulatory Compliance
  • Hedge Funds and Alternative Investments
  • Asset Management
  • Operations and Technology
  • Outsourcing and Transformation in Business Processes
  • Change Management
  • Articulate and share your visions
  • Create high functioning teams
  • Develop your presence as a leader
  • Prevent Sexual Harassment

Why Choose FSOkx for Training?

  • Choice of customized or off-the-shelf course content
  • Experienced course moderators with vast industry knowledge
  • Course schedule to meet your needs
  • We can deliver courses, briefings, and workshops on-site or online
  • Comprehensive course documentation
  • Premier administrative support
  • Cost-effective services that provide measurable return on investment

Cybersecurity Training

Our training is a collaboration of military-trained cybersecurity experts, cyber industry veterans, and well-seasoned and higher education professionals. FSOkx partners with institutions spanning business, higher education, and government agencies to establish world-class cyber centers of excellence. With an eye toward preparing the next generation of cyber experts and solving the critical cyber skills gap our world faces, the cyber centers offer the highest quality and most comprehensive cybersecurity and intelligence education, training, and resources available.

Career Coaching

Companies are in need of  “relevant experience ” even for junior-level positions which students are lacking and these students often find themselves unprepared for “real world” requirements. TurtleBay Advisory Services, in partnership with Champ America, is filling this gap by:

Aiding Job Candidates by :

  • Providing real-world, hands-on work experience
  • Developing a professional network

Serving Employers:

  • Affording them access to motivated junior talents at low cost & opportunities for a “test drive” prior to committing to a future junior hire
  • Supplying resources to help with various tasks, including internal projects, that are too costly for professionals
  • Increasing their brand awareness and recognition among jobseekers significantly
  • Acquiring location-agnostic staff for future deployment for resource firms
  • Building a steady pipeline of young and qualified talents and offering them a scope to try out different candidates before committing
  • Hiring workforce-ready graduates
  • Witnessing a higher retention rate from those hired through this program

Leadership Coaching for:

  • Executive (C-suite)
  • Mid-level leaders
  • Emerging and high potential leaders
  • Career and transition


  • Organizational change management
  • Strategic planning and execution
  • Employee engagement/wellness
  • Leadership and team development
  • Succession planning
  • Organizational  assessment

Programs on how to:

  • Develop and share their visions
  • Create high functioning teams
  • Enhance their leadership presence
  • Expand their options
  • Enhance work/life balance
  • Hold crucial and difficult conversations
  • Make and communicate their decisions
  • Recognize and manage stress
  • Understand their motivators and those of their staff
  • Prevent sexual harassment
  • Manage conflict