Lead Generation

  • Marketing support for product launch campaigns
  • Front-end research and analysis, and post-launch planning and execution
  • Content Development Services which targets content designed to meet a client’s business objectives
  • Contact database with over 60,000 Financial Services professionals
  • Introductions to potential clients
  • Strategic alignment facilitation
  • Goal and objective setting
  • Business case development
  • Transformation standards and governance
  • Information and communications deployment and management

TBAS maintains a database of approximately 60,000 email subscribers whom we survey and disseminate information.

Market Research

  • Business Strategies
  • Benchmarking / Competitive Landscape Analysis
  • Marketing Research
  • Partner Identification
  • Enterprise Primary Research
  • Opportunity Assessment Studies

Vendor Analytics

  • Evaluation of Qualitative & Quantitative Parameters
  • Capability Assessment & Comparative Analysis
  • Financial Strength Assessment
  • Company Profile and Leadership
  • Strength, Weaknesses, &Opportunity Analysis
  • Marketing Size & Market Share
  • Partner Identification

Sources of information

  • Face to Face/Telephonic & In-Depth Executive Interviews
  • Analyst Interviews
  • Databases
  • Company Websites
  • Online News Sites
  • Social Media Platforms and Blogs
  • Analyst Reports
  • Conference Call Transcripts
  • Regulatory Filings
  • Media Monitoring

Networking Events

FSOkx conceptualizes and organizes the world’s premium summits on critical and relevant topics for the financial services industry. Our events are targeted towards senior decision-makers in banking, insurance, and capital markets.

FSOkx Events puts your company face-to-face with qualified prospects in an exclusive setting. We limit sponsorship so you have maximum networking opportunities with minimal competition. These events provide an ideal forum to showcase your solutions, share ideas, and encourage relationship-building.

FSOkx Executive Roundtables are intimate meetings of 15 to 20 highly influential industry executives, brought together to discuss topics of your choice. These four-hour roundtables typically include breakfast (a.m.) or cocktails (p.m.). FSOkx facilitates your event by bringing executives to the table as well as objectively moderating the event. Discussions can be either on or off the record depending on your objectives. FSOkx can record the event and publish approved excerpts, video clips, and photographs on our website.

FSOkx Webinars are one-hour online sessions that give you access to a targeted audience through our extensive market reach.

Roundtable and Webinar topics are highly customized and designed to meet your marketing and sales objectives.

Past Roundtable and Webinar topics Include:

  • Data Management Outsourcing
  • New Trends in Infrastructure Optimization
  • Cybersecurity
  • Hedge Fund Forum
  • Drivers of Customer Satisfaction for Financial Services
  • Financial Services Business Models for Efficiency Enhancement
  • Supply Chain Management within Banking, Insurance, and Capital Markets
  • Driving Process Excellence