Actionable Cyber Intelligence

Description: We offer unparalleled visibility to actively identify exposure.

Document Analytics

Description: Data is everything.  Protect and manage your data for business optimization and efficiency.

Workday Center of Excellence

Description: We provide functional and technical consulting, project management, and Application Management Services (AMS), and new release support for Workday.

Audit & Compliance Services (SRCA)

Description: Ampcus Cyber, a trusted TBAS partner, provides security, risk, compliance, and audit (SRCA) services to assess your organization’s threat environment and compliance posture, identify gaps and vulnerabilities, and recommends the right remediation to secure and certify your organization and it’s critical assets.

Critical Incident Management

Description: It is critical in today’s environment to have major incident life-cycle orchestration, aligning stakeholders, tools, and processes, in a single pane of glass.

Employment Screening

Description: Information is power, especially when making important hiring decisions. TBAS delivers fast and accurate background checks to organizations of all sizes.

Human Capital Development

Description: The business landscape has changed with ever-increasing speed, completely transforming the role of Human Resource (HR) professionals. We can help your organization stay ahead of the curve.

Workplace Re-entry System

Description: Employee safety is center stage as you begin to open up your workplace and there are many questions about safety and the new normal. What measures can you take to prevent COVID-19 from spreading in your workplace? How do you identify healthy employees who have come into contact with an infected employee? How do you achieve all this without infringing on privacy?

TBAS Executive, Leadership & Career Coaching

Description: Our certified coaches help leaders increase self-awareness of their unique abilities and the skills required to maximize their leadership capacity, visibility, and effectiveness. They support clients in leveraging current strengths, building new awareness and skills, and creating realistic action plans that help them reach their coaching goals.

Business Continuity Housing Program

Description: TBAS supports our clients with business continuity objectives that may necessitate large scale staff relocation services across the globe.

Streamline the Inspection Process with AI

Description: Technology that integrates with an organization’s existing infrastructure as well as an extensive list of standard third-party reference data to provide a streamlined and simple inspection process. The flexible platform leverages AI technology to both ensure veracity and ease of use for vehicle inspections.

Antigena Email

Description: All email tools will require a holistic view of the entire environment, not just email data, to identify increasingly sophisticated email threats in the years to come. Antigena Email is the first and only solution that does this.

IT Transformation Executive in Residence

Description: This is the time to make sure you have executive teams that are technologically competent and innovative. We can source transitory C-level executives with the competence and experience necessary to help you succeed with your current digital transformation effort.

Our SMEs have extensive expertise in Cybersecurity

Description: Don Codling is an Advisory Board Member of TurtleBay Advisory Services who specializes in cyber and data security best practices. Don spent 23 years in the FBI with a concentration in Cyber National Security and Criminal matters. Don specializes in Cybersecurity and Data Privacy best practices implementation within sensitive corporate and government environments.

Actionable Cyber Intelligence-Independent Verification and Validation

Description: True device and session-specific compromise detection. Secures against vulnerabilities both within and outside your cyber perimeter such as cloud applications, vendor and remote employee access, and 3rd party environments. This IV&V service can be utilized to ensure your cybersecurity infrastructure is doing its job.

Cloud Migration

Description: Our extensive expertise allows us to strategically advise our clients.

Data Management to Create a Safe Driving Force

Description: Why take the time to go through each motor vehicle record one by one when our management system can do it for you without any mistakes?

Oracle Practice

Description: We deliver success to our clients by efficiently implementing, integrating, and upgrading their software investments in PeopleSoft Services, Cloud Services, Treasury Management Services, Managed Services, E-Business Suite Services, and Strategic Advisory Services.

C Suite Executives for Hire

Description: We provide staffing solutions through either MSA or PSA agreements. Our belief is that there is no substitute for hands-on experience.

Governance, Risk and Compliance Management

Description: Our integrated suite of applications is designed to significantly improve and simplify our client’s Governance, Risk, and Compliance responsibilities and integrates them with internal policies and procedures at a business process level.

Document Analytics

Description: We use machine learning and content intelligence to unleash the power of data analytics.

Digital Transformation

Description: Organizations today are in dire need of modernizing legacy infrastructure to improve state through processing efficiencies, reducing costs, and improving the customer experience.

Endpoint and Keylogging Protection

Description: Your endpoint is where your business is most vulnerable to attacks and cybercriminals always focus on your weakest links.

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Services

Description: A business-focused approach to cyber governance is essential to creating robust, viable cybersecurity.