There are many barriers to innovation in the finance sector such as legacy technology, rules and regulations, and highly centralized systems. Security and compliance are two serious matters, and customers also demand a fully digital experience. In addition, Financial Services companies need to work closely with regulators to develop onboarding safety requirements that fit the modern digital reality.

We are Institutional Banking experts with a focus on middle and back-office projects. Our core business and technology transformation competency allows organizations to embrace current changes in an effective manner, without disruption, and focus on growing their business.


Insurance remains a challenging market. The industry still has a stringent regulatory environment, an outdated service model, and a slow adoption pace. Data analytics, machine learning, and a surge of new entrants are disrupting the traditional insurance model and creating easier, more affordable access to coverage. If these trends are ignored, big insurance providers are in jeopardy of becoming irrelevant.

TBAS will integrate our assessment and digital capabilities to achieve countless benefits, including improved customer experience, compliance, increased productivity, and lower costs.


Law firms today are greatly affected by timing and cost. Wasting time on administrative tasks can be very expensive. TurtleBay Advisory Services can identify non-core tasks like marketing, contract management, document analytics, and research. Our experts then apply cutting-edge technology, and best practices in order to save time, money and increase efficiency and security.

Asset Management

Today Asset Management firms face many new challenges. The Cybersecurity landscape is ever-changing, and firms need to protect their sensitive data from cybercriminals. Regulatory agencies like the SEC and FINRA are also increasing compliance related to security issues. The world is also now about real-time data and customers want information in their hands. The constant flow of communication and data requires firms to provide interactive reporting and an enhanced customer experience.

Our experts understand these challenges and help our clients navigate this increasingly complex landscape.


Mortgage lenders view increased competition as the biggest reason for decreased profit margins. As the market continues to fragment, one key to margin expansion and beating the competition lies in improving the borrower journey.

Compared with other consumer-focused industries, mortgage origination ranks near the bottom in customer satisfaction. Outdated processes are increasingly a liability. TBAS has decades of experience in designing and building complex, mission-critical, scalable, and secure enterprise-grade applications for some of the most important players in financial services. We specialize in modernizing legacy infrastructure to improve state through processing efficiencies, reduce costs and improve the customer experience.

Technology Services

The introduction of new technologies, changing business models, and a new consequential dimension of operational risks are all part of financial services today. TBAS’s expertise in technology transformation is leading the revolution of financial, operational, sales, risk, and compliance tools that are transforming the way our clients do business. Our services include:

Healthcare Services

Automation and efficiency are critical in the healthcare industry today. Effective data management can provide actionable insights and deliver better business results.  The wellbeing of your staff ensures business continuity.

Private Equity

Alternative investments play an important role in helping investors achieve their overall investment goals. Investments in technology are on the rise and that has several important implications. Leaders in the private equity industry need support in how they invest, operate, distribute, and communicate with investors.