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Human Resources in a New World

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November 12, 2020

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In 2020 the role of Human Resources has gone through a widespread transformation to meet the current workforce’s needs. While executives remain laser-focused on building culture and driving trust in the organization they are now faced with the trending demand to automate and accelerate processes to remain competitive in today’s market.

Join us on Thursday, Nov 12th  at 12:30 pm where our experts will discuss the latest developments in HR management and how they are addressing them within their respective organizations.  You will gain critical insights on how to be cost-effective, and compliant in the current environment.

Our Agenda Includes:

AI for better efficiency and workflow

  • Verify experience and education listed on candidates’ resumes
  • Manage employee performance
  • Answer employees HR questions
  •  Customize suggestions for career paths, professional development options, etc. for each employee
  • Detect anomalies in behavior that could indicate time theft, corruption, or other misconduct

 Managing Remote and Onsite Employees

  • Manage enterprise back-to-work protocols
  • Track the daily health and well-being of employees through surveys
  •  Contact tracing in the workplace and social distancing alerts
  •  Central access to organization’s workplace safety policies and procedures
  • Automated safety compliance checklists and reporting to real-time monitoring, alerts and situational awareness support
  •  Investigate concerns and complaints when you do not see the people in-person
  • Corporate housing

Automation of Screening

  • Employment Screening

o   Criminal Records

o   Social Security Validation

o   Employment and Education Verification

o   Professional Credential Verification

o   Reference Checks

o   Drug Screening

o   Driving Record

o   Health Sanctions Check

o   Financial Check

  •  Tenant Screening
  •  Vendor Screening

 Emphasis on Learning

  • Personal or professional development
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Teambuilding events
  • Annual professional development courses for every employee and/or manager
  •  Employee annual self-assessments

Focus on Workplace Experience

  •  Help employees find purpose and meaning in their work
  • Flexible work schedules
  • Find ways to include remote and freelance employees, as well as those of different generations, ethnicities, gender identities, etc. 

No Prerequisite and all levels welcome

CPE Credit available upon request

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