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Wendy Luke, President, HR Sage

Wendy coaches and trains C-suite executives and high potential mid-career and emerging professionals to show up as leaders strong and calm and confident, helping them grow and expand, one small step at a time. Her clients start their day with the best of intentions and are thrown off balance by events, her clients learn to decrease their stressed feelings, increase their big picture thinking, and tap their creativity at work and at home. Her clients build better teams and get better results. Wendy’s emphasis is on empowering people to see and remove roadblocks that slow them down and replace them with behaviors that let them excel. She tailors her coaching to the client, establishing and building a relationship based on trust, and helping each client tap into his/her innate wisdom.

As a result, our clients have learned to:

  • articulate and share their vision
  • create high functioning teams
  • expand their options
  • hold missing and difficult conversations
  • improve work/life balance
  • increase their resilience
  • make and communicate their decisions
  • set clear expectations and hold themselves and others accountable; and
  • understand their motivators and those of their staff


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