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Mohit Sudhakar has an accomplished 25-year career in capital markets and risk-management strategy and execution.  Mohit?s deep knowledge of and experience in markets acquired through trading fixed-income products, market-risk management, trade operations and administration, and compliance & supervision distinguish him as a thought leader for these aspects.  He has a visible track record of providing efficient and durable solutions for strategic and operational business problems of liquidity, financing, and risk-management that are created by regulations, market factors, or competitive forces.  He is skilled at building consensus among myriad, cross-functional stakeholders on critical issues, and his superior management skills and solid work ethic ensure consistently superior results. 

Mohit is one of the founding partners of FIRM Advisors, a strategy and management consulting firm in Tysons Corner, Virginia.   Since 2015, he has led their consulting practice for Mortgage and Capital Markets Strategy and Transformation at clients.   He works with a small team of experts and professionals to provide advisory services for financial strategies and products, enhance financial engineering capabilities and analysis frameworks, validate quantitative models, and implement business intelligence tools and reporting to improve decision making.

Previously, Mohit served in a variety of strategic, execution, and leadership roles at Freddie Mac for 20 years.  He was Senior Director of their Treasury, CMO Investments, and Asset-Liability departments.  In those roles, he supervised capital markets activities of issuing and repurchasing several varieties of structured debt, trading mortgages, and employing derivatives for hedging.  He has led and executed numerous initiatives for asset-liability strategies and funding plans.  In addition, he has developed several new funding and hedging products that significantly improved Freddie Mac?s costs and volumes.

Mohit is a frequent panel speaker at conferences sponsored by financial institutions, professional publications, and industry associations, for fixed-income and risk topics.  Mohit is an expert witness for financial litigation cases.

Mohit earned an M.B.A. in International Finance from the American University, an M.A. in Economics from the Delhi School of Economics, and a B.A. in Economics from Delhi University. Mohit also earned a certificate in Leadership and Strategic Impact Program by Tuck Executive Education at Dartmouth.


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